Robert Graebert

Robert Gräbert


Robert Gräbert – CTO — has been leading Graebert’s Research & Development team for the past 20 years. His passion for CAD and forward-thinking ideas inspired Graebert’s innovations in Cloud, Mobile and BIM. Robert graduated from the Imperial College in London with a Master of Engineering in Computer Science, before obtaining a PhD from Stanford University in Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Panel discussion: Autonomous drawings: a revolution in documentation?
There are now multiple software developers working on creating auto-drawing tools. This includes the main BIM suppliers - Autodesk, Nemetschek and Bentley Systems - as well as Graebert CAD and SWAPP. Auto-drawings will be an application on your desktop, or a cloud service for mass automation. How much can be done today? What will be the cost? How can we trust the output? For the first time, we bring together many of the people behind auto-drawing development to present at NXT DEV, so the industry can set their expectations of what’s coming.
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