Richard Harpham

AEC Consultant

Introducing Richard Harpham, an experienced professional who has experienced most of the highs and lows of bringing new disruptive technology to market in both large scale corporate environments and early-stage startups.

Richard and has been a regular speaker and writer on go-to-market, business transformation and leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence in data forward strategies.

Originally trained as an architect, forming his own software services company in the UK in 1997, before becoming an early hire at Massachusetts design software start-up, Revit Inc, who were acquired by Autodesk for $137M. Richard progressed at Autodesk to lead global marketing for over $1B of software sales, from well-known products like AutoCAD as well as all architectural, engineering and civil infrastructure solutions.

Subsequently Richard led software commercialization at Softbank funded start-up, Katerra, who grew from under 50 to over 7000 employees and +$2B revenue in under 5 years by introducing transformational technology change in how we design, engineer, and deliver buildings and infrastructure.

During the last 12 years, Richard has operated as an investor, CEO and fractional worker/advisor in a series of SaaS solution startups, with solutions ranging from BIM, language services, medical devices, structural concrete, CRM and electronics design.

Whether sharing his experience in building financial models, developing target market focus or driving go-to-market strategies, Richard enjoys acting as a collaborative partner for clients, helping unlock authentic and monetizable customer value from great ideas and products.


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