Mirren Fischer

Head of Product Strategy & Experience

Mirren is currently knee-deep in growing the product strategy and experience teams at MDRxTech, a consultancy that solves legally complex problems via cutting-edge technology.

After 10 years as an architect in the US (latterly with Cambridge Seven Associates in Boston) Mirren moved into digital product design in 2009. Over the course of her digital career, she has worked in a wide variety of industries and for scales of companies ranging from tiny start-ups to behemoth government agencies. To all of them she has attempted to bring Vitruvius’s admonition of ‘Commodity, firmness, and delight’.

Her curiosity about sustainability while taking LEED courses in architecture school has grown into a full-blown passion in the past few years, as she’s begun mentoring green-tech start-ups on how to productise their ideas and bring them to market. Her (admittedly niche) focus these days is in using technology to solve sustainability problems in the built environment.


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