Mathias Höbinger

Mathias Höbinger


Co-founder and CEO of ShapeDiver, unleashing the power of parametric modeling into the web.


No-code web apps for design automation with Grasshopper and ShapeDiver

Parametric models created with Grasshopper have long been a popular no-code framework for architects and engineers to iterate, analyze, and optimize early-stage design options. Automating these processes with Grasshopper helps save time and cost. However, sharing these models with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders is difficult if they don't know how to use them.

Enter ShapeDiver, a framework that turns Grasshopper models into scalable and secure web applications that can be shared with anyone at the click of a button.

And there's more: ShapeDiver's API allows these apps to be integrated into workflows and other tools like Skema and Autodesk Forma.

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