Magnus Nilsen

Magnus Nilsen

Co-founder and CEO

Magnus is a passionate advocate for 3D technology, architecture, and construction. With a Master’s in Computational Mechanics specializing in numeric FEM for construction structures, he began his career as a Revit professional and led a team in developing Revit addons. Transitioning to consulting for major AEC clients in the Nordics, he adopted a value-driven, holistic approach to BIM and technology. This experience inspired him to found Sparkel, a cloud-based platform that simplifies BIM for builders, aiming to make construction cheaper, faster, and more sustainable. Magnus is dedicated to creating more vibrant, beautiful, and engaging cities.


Applying AI to Quantity Takeoff

Sparkel is a web-based platform with AI capabilities that simplifies quantity takeoff for construction projects. It enables seamless collaboration, ensuring accurate, real-time quantities and thereby reducing miscalculations and rework. Unlike traditional tools, Sparkel works on low-LoD, imperfect BIM models and is easy to use, requiring no training. With Sparkel, construction projects will save time, cut costs, and improve efficiency by having full control of all quantities with minimal effort.
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