Jan Maarten Heuff

Co-Founder and CEO

Jan studied both Architecture and Media Production and has spent over 20 years working in technology starting as a coder then setting up and selling his own ventures or at senior level within organisations. Today he’s an investor as well as bringing original IP to the property market using real-time technology, XR and machine learning. He founded Rancon, a software agency, in 2000 and went on to build and launch over 250 apps. Passionate about both interface driven software and games as well as more data driven applications and the intersection of where those things meet. Rancon built award winning digital experiences for the likes of Google, BBC, Disney and EE as well as financial and field services technology applications for St.James Place, G4S, Intrinsic and Jaguar LandRover.

Since 2016, Jan has been a board member and Head of Digital at Squint/Opera. Recently he’s overseen the digital side of The Empire State Building experience, KAPSARC, National Army Museum as well as sales suites in New York and Hong Kong for Tishman Speyer, Swire and Nan Fung Group. In September 2022 Squint/Opera was acquired by Journey and Jan exited.

Today, he’s co-founder and CEO of SpaceForm which is a real-time platform to tell stories about design and architecture built in Unreal Engine. SpaceForm is a multiuser 3D design collaboration and marketing platform for the built environment that directly connects the design team, investors and customers in the same virtual space using metaverse technology. We’ve been working closely with Thomas Heatherwick Studio for a few years and are super excited about the opportunity to show what we’ve been doing with UEFN.



SpaceForm is an AI-powered, 3D visualisation platform built in Unreal Engine, for immersing clients in one virtual space, in a few clicks.

The problem is that Real-estate developers and architects want immersive twins but the setup process is time consuming and service heavy. Populating photorealistic twins from architectural design files to make them believable is technical and time consuming so the perception is that they only suit larger scale projects.

Once the twin is set up, publishing to a high quality spatial platform takes technical knowledge and knowhow in preparing the cloud environment. Only then can a customer access the twin and unlock the full potential of this transformative technology.

SpaceForm solves this by a 90% reduction of time, effort and skills needed to create spatial presentations from 3D design files in three ways:

  1. Convert: Proprietary pipeline optimises, cleans and prepares a twin in minutes from a 3D file directly from the most popular design packages like Rhino, Sketchup and Revit.
  2. Populate: AI and automation used to populate the twin with people, furniture, fixtures and fittings using AI and natural language interfaces.
  3. Publish: Unique immersive platform that enables 3D design reviews, sales presentations, unlimited expansion and direct AI image generation.

SpaceForm is about experiencing design perfectly. From 3D design to immersive twin, in minutes.

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