Federico Fernandez

Frederico Fernandez


Federico Fernandez is the founder and CEO of URBANLY, a startup focusing on the creation of tools to support the acceleration of grounded, better-informed decisions in urban contexts. He leads a team that helps communities to prepare for growth., providing a simulation platform where it is possible to understand the future impact of policy changes, allowing making informed decisions. Before URBANLY, Federico co-founded two startups in the technology for urban planning field. Synthicity, in 2012, which created novel technology to visualize huge amounts of urban data with procedural technology, acquired in 2015 by Autodesk to refresh many of their products taking advantage of the platform. And UrbanSim Inc in 2016, a startup that grew to 4M annual revenue in a few years, putting together a team of 25 talented professionals. Federico holds a MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Buenos Aires, and a long experience in academic research, both in theoretical Computer Science and its intersection with Planning. In Computer Science, he specialized in formal software verification methods, under the supervision of Joseph Sifakis, 2007 Turing Award winner.

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