Antonio Gonzalez Viegas

Antonio González Viegas

That Open Company

Antonio finished his architecture degree in 2018 in Seville. He learned to code on his own with web technologies and created IFC.js the biggest open-source web library to create BIM applications. Now he is the CEO of That Open Company with the mission to open up the software market in the construction sector.


Panel discussion: Data frameworks: Achieving True Openness in AEC
The AEC industry has been hamstrung with proprietary file formats and a need for data wrangling. There is now great lip service paid to openness and it seems that every vendor is onboard to opening up the data flows between applications. But it’s not just about files, which are ‘dead things working’. What happens when we have most of our data hosted on the cloud, where we rely on open API access to proprietary data stores? We assemble a panel of experts to discuss what openness should be and how we get there, what formats will emerge and how data should be structured to benefit everyone.
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