Alain Waha

Alain Waha

Buro Happold

Joining Buro Happold in 2014, Alain drives Buro Happold’s reputation as a global leader in using technology to power design. He champions our global technology initiatives that underpin our client relationships, project performance and our scalable and resilient business platforms. Together these enable us to attract the very best talent and digital skills and retain them within the practice.

A technology agitator, Alain leads our Technology Strategy Board. Championing the computational upskilling of our people, digital twins, and advancing BIM and GIS workflows within the practice. Within the industry, he is a driving force behind the digital transformation of the built environment as an advocate of systemic change and improvement.

Alain’s work at Buro Happold has allowed us to institutionalise BIM across our global practice and provide the very best service for our clients. His expansive experience and understanding of BIM transformation and implementation spans the Architecture Engineering Construction and Owner (AECO) Value chain which provides invaluable insights for our clients.

An aeronautical engineer by trade, he holds a master’s in Fluid Mechanics Numerical Simulation and a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Manchester.


Panel Discussion: Pricing, license and business models

In this world nothing is said to be certain, except death and taxes. One might suggest that ‘changing software business models and increasing prices’ should be added to that list. With rapid metastases in licensing and pricing models, customers seem to be at the receiving end of this. Design IT Directors have to cope with rapidly evolving their tech stacks against a backdrop of subscription fees and license model changes. It’s not just one firm, but all firms that are experimenting with extracting the most from their user bases. What do Design IT Directors think of current business models? What licensing models work and don’t work? Pricing has gone from pay once, perpetual, to some software firms wanting a % of the project fee. We have a panel of customers to give us their frank opinions.
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