Adi Shavit

Adi Shavit

Chief Science Officer

Adi Shavit is an accomplished technology professional with extensive experience in AI, computer vision, and machine learning. He holds an MSc. in Computer Science from Hebrew University and has previously served as CTO at several companies, as well as the former head of the Autodesk IL algorithms team. Adi’s contributions to the field include multiple patents and publications, and he is an active member of the technology community, frequently speaking at conferences and events on topics related to AI, software architecture, and technology. As the Chief Science Officer at SWAPP, Adi continues to drive innovation in the AEC industry, helping the company become a leading player in this field. Adi’s expertise and vision are dedicated to advancing the AEC industry through his work and contributions.


BIM 2.0 presentation – SWAPP

In this talk, we will explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the AEC industry, focusing specifically on the diverse AI methodologies utilized by SWAPP. We will get a sneak peek at how SWAPP leverages techniques like machine learning and advanced algorithms to automate the Design Development and Construction Document phases of architectural planning. This automation drastically reduces manual labor and accelerates project timelines. By enabling firms to handle more projects effectively and consistently, these AI-driven strategies are not just streamlining processes - they're reshaping the industry. Join us to understand how this AI-driven revolution is setting the stage for the future of the AEC industry. Adi Shavit will also participate in the Panel discussion: The future of AI in AEC
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