Aaron Perry

Head of Digital Design
AHMM Architects

Aaron Perry has been the Head of Digital Design at AHMM since 2015. With a passion for leveraging technology to elevate architectural projects, Aaron plays a pivotal role in shaping the digital design landscape across the entire organisation. Operating on a global scale, Aaron oversees digital design initiatives, encompassing both current and future projects, spanning AHMM’s numerous offices.

In his senior role, Aaron leads a group of technical and strategic specialists within AHMM’s Digital Design Group. They expertly navigate the challenges design work presents, from reactive problem-solving to proactive projects that enhance the entire practice’s delivery efficiency. With a keen eye for risk management, Aaron fosters productive collaboration among Clients, Contractors, and Design Teams whilst ensuring the seamless operation of infrastructure and software.

Aaron is a catalyst for change, inspiring staff members to wholeheartedly embrace digital design authoring, review, and visualisation technologies. His extensive expertise spans commercial agreements, hardware, infrastructure, and software platforms, allowing him to establish strong partnerships with AEC vendors. This collaborative approach ensures that AHMM remains at the forefront of tool development, leveraging the most advanced solutions available in the industry.

With his creative leadership and commitment to technological advancement, Aaron Perry continues to drive AHMM’s digital design initiatives, fostering innovation and delivering outstanding architectural outcomes.


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