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PVFARM (The Joy of Solar Engineering) is the first-in-class cloud-based BIM solution for designing solar projects. It combines different areas of expertise (performance modelling, civil engineering, electrical engineering, etc.) and unlocks the power of what-if analysis through collaboration.

Edit with Ease

PVFARM layouts are editable, allowing users flexible in-app editing capabilities as well as supported integrations with other leading software so you can use the best tool for your preferred workflow.
Automation doesn’t have to be at odds with craftsmanship with PVFARM.

Ultimate Automation

Our advanced automation allows users to mix equipment and electrical designs or run multiple grading strategies across the whole site or using field-by-field analysis.
Tune the design to your liking without compromising efficiency.

Data AND Performance

The only platform with a true solar “Building Information Model” where every object contains all required information for in-depth analysis, exploration, and comparison.
Industry-leading performance, nothing to install.

No Discipline Left Behind

PVFARM’s multidisciplinary platform encourages collaboration across disciplines – Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Energy, Procurement – all in one platform.
Evaluate opportunities and trade-offs holistically with PVFARM.

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