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NXT DEV 2024 will be held on 26 June at Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London.

Conference program will be published here.

NXT DEV features a dual stream conference.

NXT DEV 2024 will take place on 26 June 2024 in Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London. The conference program will be published here.

Help shape the future of AEC software through a series of:

Interactive Q&As
Panel discussions
Technology presentations

Get answers to the following questions (and many more):

How will AI change the AEC industry?
What impact will AI have on the role of AEC professionals?
Will offsite design and construction ever succeed?
What do AEC firms want from next-gen 'BIM 2.0' technologies?
What's coming soon from 'BIM 2.0' software startups, including SWAPP, Qonic, Snaptrude, Blue Ocean Sustainability, Spaces, Hypar, Augmenta & Finch 3D? (all featured in AEC Magazine recently)

ALSO - are you an AEC technology startup or software developer?

Learn from VCs funding future technologies
Get advice from industry leaders what went from startups to 'exit'
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