Conference Program 2023

Conference Stream #1 (am)

Mountbatten (6th floor)


AEC Magazine’s Martyn Day sets the scene for the future of AEC software development, including BIM 2.0.

A Wall Street’s insider’s view of the AEC design technology landscape. With Jay Vleeschhouwer.

Business lessons for AEC startups from industry leaders.
Eric De Keyser – Qonic (original developer of TriForma, founder of Bricscad).

11:00am – Coffee and exhibition  (Windsor and Cambridge – 5th Floor)

Aaron Perry (AHMM), talking on behalf of the Open Letter to Autodesk Group, on the challenges AEC design firms face and the future tools they need to drive productivity.

The limitations of current AEC tools and what the industry needs from next gen AEC products. With Greg Schleusner (HOK), Aaron Perry (AHMM) and Andy Watts (Grimshaw).

1.15pm – Lunch and Exhibition (Windsor and Cambridge – 5th Floor)

Lunchtime Sessions

Abbey Suite, 4th Floor

Advisory council, hosted by Lenovo (lunch provided).

As the AEC industry looks toward BIM 2.0, Lenovo wants to hear and learn from its community of Architects, Engineers, IT professionals, Software Developers and Investors about your needs for next generation workstation hardware. Join the Lenovo Product Leadership team for this interactive workshop to explore your hardware requirements for three key areas: mobility, remote work and high performance compute (HPC).

Conference Stream #1 (pm)

Mountbatten, 6th Floor

Nearly every publicly listed company has an ESG strategy to maximize shareholder value, yet building production is arguably failing to make significant improvements in both carbon and waste reduction. Who pays, who cares and who owns the task of step change improvement, and how can technology impact progress? With Mirren Fischer (MDRxTech), Sarah Surgeoner (Creative Building Performance), and Philipp Leutiger (Holcim)

Prefabrication companies have regularly failed during the last few years, both in Europe and the US. With this background, this panel will discuss, dispute and challenge why this has been happening, even though the overall enthusiasm for DFMA, offsite assembly, and improved supply chain strategies still remains high. With Charlie Dunn (DPR), Bruce Bell (Facit Homes), Oliver Green (Kope), Richard Harpham (ex Revit, Autodesk, and Katerra)

3.30pm – Coffee and exhibition (Windsor and Cambridge – 5th Floor)

How will AI transform the AEC industry – from the size of AEC teams to autonomous workflows? With Martha Tsigkari (Foster + Partners) Adi Shavit (SWAPP), Francesco Iorio (Augmenta), Cobus Bothma (NVIDIA), Senthil Kumar (Slate)

Business lessons for AEC startups from industry leaders. Moritz Luck (original founder of Enscape)

Hear from those funding the AEC technology sector – how to pitch, what areas are hot, the outlook for the market. With Amar Hanspal (Angel) Jess Clemans (A/O Proptech), Tom Kurke (Bentley Acceleration Ventures), Philipp Leutiger (Holocim Maqer), Shubhankar Bhattacharya (Foundamental), and Moritz Luck (Angel)

Conference Stream #2 (am)

Moore / Rutherford (4th Floor)

Finch utilises AI, graph technology, and advanced algorithms to optimise and challenge your design. With Pamela Nunez Wallgren and Jesper Wallgren

In this talk, we will explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the AEC industry, focusing specifically on the diverse AI methodologies utilized by SWAPP. We will get a sneak peek at how SWAPP leverages techniques like machine learning and advanced algorithms to automate the Design Development and Construction Document phases of architectural planning. This automation drastically reduces manual labor and accelerates project timelines. By enabling firms to handle more projects effectively and consistently, these AI-driven strategies are not just streamlining processes – they’re reshaping the industry. Join us to understand how this AI-driven revolution is setting the stage for the future of the AEC industry. With Adi Shavit.

11:00am – Coffee and exhibition  (Windsor and Cambridge – 5th Floor)

CityCompass is a platform for visualising urban areas in 3D that uses procedural modelling and analytical tools. With Federico Fernandez

KOPE is a platform that brings together experts from design, construction, pre-fabrication and software. With Mark Thorley

Sketch-based concept design for iPad & Apple Pencil. With Martin Sheehan.

1.15pm – Lunch and Exhibition (Windsor and Cambridge – 5th Floor)

Conference Stream #2 (pm)

Moore / Rutherford (4th Floor)

A fully automated building design platform in the cloud (currently MEP), built from the ground up around generative AI. With Francesco Iorio

Next-generation platform for designing, generating, and sharing building systems. Currently using chatGPT to generate detail models. With Anthony Hauck

Cobus Bothma will explore the many NVIDIA technologies and SDKs available to accelerate AEC software development.

Launched in Jan 2023, Snaptrude is a parametric, cloud-based BIM modelling package with workflows with Revit. Version 2.0 will be launched at NXT DEV. With Altaf Ganihar

New generation BIM design tool, taking models from design intent to accurate construction. With Eric De Keyser, and Jacob De Sutter

A brand new procedural concept to detail design application for architects with integrated modelling & analysis tools and schedule generation. With Marty Rozmanith.